Using Storify to assemble a newsletter

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to pull links, stories, tweets, pictures, videos from various sources on the web and aggregate them in a decent layout, suitable for a regular newsletter. I tried using Storify today. The tool is easy to use and allows pulling easily tweets and images/videos, links for an RSS feed or results from Google. I had a harder time integrating the links from the OpenStack IRC meeting logs (but they’re hard in every case). I’m not sure what to think about the fact that content stays on Storify servers, either.

Here is the result of my experiment: let me know what you think.

[View the story “Inside OpenStack” on Storify]




  1. Great article, but I found an easier way than Storify to do curated newsletters. Did you check out Flashissue? (, it’s pretty much built around what storify is doing but for newsletter creation, it connects to your mailchimp account too for easy campaign export, also there is a company called Xydo that does it as well, but for 250$ a month and FlashIssue seem to be free from what their beta looks like.