VMware is already legacy

I read lots of comments regarding the agreement between Eucalyptus and Amazon, all focusing on how that affects OpenStack. Some of the comments are plain wrong: let me remind that OpenStack has support for Amazon EC2 and S3 APIs, Canonical leader made it quite clear that he wants to have AWS compatibility in OpenStack and other companies chimed in to maintain that compatibility layer.

I find it more interesting to think about what this agreement means for VMware. My impression is that for new deployments of private clouds the obvious excluded will be VMware: why would you want to use a proprietary set of API incompatible with anything else else out there? Given the option, why should a CIO chose to setup a private cloud that supports a standard that is also available on a public cloud?

Suddenly, I feel that VMWare has become legacy, maybe still a profitable one but one that has more chances to die sooner than Oracle’s legacy database business. What do you think?


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