Week 2012-04-08 in review

  • Is this he weirdest bumper sticker or what? http://t.co/mPJ2dEge #
  • For pessimists a sunny day in San Francisco in spring is like an episode of Game of Thrones: winter is coming! #
  • Things my cousin says: Soccer warm-up may help teen basketball players http://t.co/EZp0uqsq #
  • I'm getting more and more fascinated by ocean races… one day … http://t.co/sOZPVl18 #
  • Qingye Jiang analized OpenStack OpenNebula and Eucalyptus activity on forums/mailing lists (in Chinese and English) http://t.co/Nf7UVomB #
  • Getting ready for 3 days at Linux Collaboration Summit. See you there, I have OpenStack stickers πŸ˜‰ #
  • OMG! Animated GIF as bullet point on a presentation! It's 2001 all over again #LCS #
  • Quite an endorsement of OpenStack by IBM Gerrit Huizenga from stage at #lfcollab #
  • Bryce says compatibility is a feature of OpenStack, but not a defining tenant "We're not trying to be an Amazon clone" http://t.co/uQxVmXwB #
  • ALT-TAB in Unity is completely screwed up, incoherent like OS X. I hope they fix it or I'll go back to Windows NT. I swear! Not #
  • I believe Flash uploaders are evil… and on Linux it's badly broken #
  • is there a bookmarklet for bookmarks on identi.ca like the one for freelish.us? #
  • RT @scottsanchez: With the Essex release there is now a "stable branch" and team to backport patches/bug fixes to Diablo… #
  • I feel like I made an important discovery: Kosker salt is not "kosher" but only a marketing term http://t.co/LCVZy1JQ #
  • as usual @rms is right: Facebook is an international parasitism project http://t.co/lh0eZRDy #
  • What a week! ISoTotallyNeedBeer! And sun on my face and wind and splashes of ocean… #
  • Preoccupante: siamo stati invitati a cena domani, Pasqua ebraica, e scopro ora che saremo 13 a tavola… #