Reason #15 to switch to Google+

Reading 20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]. I almost choked on my coffee when I reached reason #15: better ads! It says:

Google+ will be launching ads soon. Given Google’s experience with Adwords & statistics, expect them to be better targeted.

Wow! Do people out there use social networks to watch ads? Seriously, folks. It’s one thing when you’re searching for something, having a relevant ad served in your face can be a good thing. That’s what makes Google rich. But when I’m reading an article on the NYTimes or chatting with my friends, advertising is just background noise that I learned to filter, both unconsciously and consciously with AdBlock. That’s why I never believed that Facebook can make lots of money selling ads inside Facebook (it has a shot selling targeted ads outside of its wall, through OpenGraph and the like) and that’s why Twitter is having such hard time finding a revenue stream (because serving ads that are relevant to people that are looking for what’s new and relevant for them is very hard).