• I'm really fed up with Echosign: bad software, worse customers support. Will start evaluating alternatives asap #
  • Oh, Ubuntu One, I liked you so much… but why did you stop syncing now all of a sudden? #
  • Hopefully we'll get rid of it RT @whurley: Wow, this sucks. Microsoft's Skype for Windows: Now with 'conversation ads' #
  • This looks interesting: Get Lean SF – Discuss Lean Startups with Eric Ries #devops #
  • ma in Italia nessuno dei commentatori ha detto che il gol croato era in fuorigioco? πŸ™‚ #
  • It's that time of the year again: Summer Sailstice is here #
  • Reviewing OpenStack patches is fun: proof is @e_monty comment here: #
  • Reviewing submissions to call for paper at Linux Foundation's CloudOpen event: very good proposals make it hard to pick #
  • Doubt: !GPL code has proprietary libs in the Windows installer only. tuxpaint, for example. Is that legally sound? #