Week 2012-07-01 in review

  • Comunque vada, splendida Italia: niente crampi, sempre all'attacco. Bravi #
  • Stoked! This password manager is what I was looking for: just makes Firefox PM better http://t.co/WuH5tA6F Mozilla make this default please #
  • Take time to read What Happened to Silicon Values? How the valley went from empowering to exploiting consumers http://t.co/IiXwTuDr #
  • It was just a football game, but man, I reached such high level of satisfaction watching Italy kicking Germany's behind, again. #
  • Google Chrome is now on iOS. Too bad I use Firefox 🙁 #
  • Ha ragione Marchionne: domanda sciocca. Una + intelligente sarebbe: come pensa di migliorare le condizioni degli operai?… #
  • OH: Sailing is a humbling experience – plenty of opportunities to do something stupid, especially in front of others. #