Week 2012-07-22 in review

  • I don't remember networking at #oscon ever being so awful! It's useless! #
  • I'm seeing a lot less GNU/Linux machines at #oscon than I remember/expected. #
  • What's happening to #oscon connectivity? AT&T is failing as usual and conference wifi is bad too. Disappointing. #
  • I had my little fun with spell check today #oscon 😉 http://t.co/YZXdhHfj #
  • Very impressed by the efforts put by bluehost for open source project in http://t.co/LPDeI3Vx #OSCON #
  • Back from #OSCON with a new T-shirt wardrobe and hundreds of unanswered emails. Happy Friday 🙂 #
  • Inboxing zero before the weekend after spending a week at #OSCON .. a huge task, still 6 messages to go (was 87 this morning). #

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