Week 2012-08-26 in review

Just landed and already getting ready to pack for #CloudOpen Keynote panel at 9:30 on Wed http://t.co/psfDoZEr # Wise sailor told me 'sailing is a humbling experience'. Look at Couts t-boning committee boat in front of the world http://t.co/wPU63UTR #

Facebook, the social graph and peer pressure

I have stopped using Facebook months ago and following that decision I started cleaning up my list of ‘friends’. I removed from my list of ‘facebook friends’ all the people I don’t meet regularly, all the people that I don’t care about. I ended up with a very small list of close friends and family.…

The cost of owning your social graph

With Facebook being that awful mess it is and always will be, Twitter becoming an awful mess, too, Google Plus being not really better than the previous two, App.net seems to be on the right track. A social network that is not basing its revenues on advertising but it’s selling subscriptions. Users pay $50 a…

Week 2012-08-12 in review

the Big Bang Bundle by StoryBundle and the Humble Music Bundle: music and books to share with friends, no hassle http://t.co/Gm7RY5aJ #dbd #

Week 2012-08-05 in review

Another reason to switch to Verizon: #FCC says tethering is an app not a special plan http://t.co/e8eK10GP # What is Google pynyin ime and why is it on my nexus 7? #