Week 2012-09-23 in review

  • The truth is that people don't read. No matter how short or simple is your message, people just don't read it #frustration #
  • If your email to my http://t.co/hY5B3ZS1 address bounced (over quota) try again now, problem fixed. #
  • It's time to buy a new laptop. It needs to be very light and support GNU/Linux 100%, with 2+ years service warranty. Suggestions? #
  • What? Maps continues to suck in iOS 6? Why upgrade then? No thanks, will stay with JB 5.1 http://t.co/aNiaPDNB #
  • Complete failure of San Francisco taxi system today. Even รœber was no help, almost missed my flight #fail #
  • Welcome OpenStack by openSUSE community: http://t.co/CGnMGuAZ #ossum2012 #openstack #
  • Thank you openSUSE community for the warm welcome. Join the OpenStack Foundation and check out the job openings http://t.co/zSY55Ssx#
  • Bitergia released the preliminary study of who's contributing to #OpenStack Folsom http://t.co/U7iht9Gd Comments? #