Week 2012-09-30 in review

  • Stay with ATT and their *awful* rip-off plans or go back to more honest-less coverage TMobile? #dilemma #
  • RT @fattoquotidiano: Lazio, #Polverini si Γ¨ dimessa
    Anche l'Udc le toglie la fiducia http://t.co/OJ60xxfw < manica di buffoni disonesti #
  • Looking at the numbers of developers that contributed to OpenStack Folsom! OMG can that number be right? Won't disclose until triple checked #
  • OH on irc: <ttx> OpenStack 2012.2 ("Folsom") is out, great job everyone #
  • OpenStack Folsom Is Here With The Schedule Of The Summit http://t.co/r8H0Nu4f #
  • Do you know somebody that drives a Hummer with 'HACK GNU' license plate? http://t.co/y2uEg5LS #
  • Feedback needed for the OpenStack integration project. Details on: Providing a Unified View of OpenStack Projects http://t.co/bxr7jDLy #
  • Prof. Michele Boldrin is my hero: his research shows that *all* patents are bad for economy. Nice. http://t.co/4jU9qKKj #