Car dashboards are ready for disruption

The Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk on Amazon seems like a joke but I believe it highlights how bad the dashboards of current cars are. I drive rarely but when I do I realize that in normal cars there is no easy way to take a fast note on a laptop *while parked* after a meeting. There is a place to put your travel mug, all sort of electric outlets and adapters but no retractable desk, not even for the passenger/shotgun seat. I think dashboards are ready for disruption.

PS comments and pictures on Amazon are hilarious


Anger and disappointment

Any time a person takes its own life, anger is around with sadness. I’m angry too and I share Lawrence Lessig’s thoughts:

the question this government needs to answer is why it was so necessary that Aaron Swartz be labeled a “felon.”

This morning I was listening to a show in Italy a volunteer that talks to prisoners incarcerated into the horrible Italian jails. She mentioned a conversation with a man sentenced to six years for selling counterfeited CDs and DVDs on the streets. His words: “Six years! That’s too long”. We’re accepting that selling a song with no rights to do so is a crime worst than hitting a singer with a baseball bat. Our politicians should be ashamed.


Google is not acting in anti-competitive fashion

If I owned Microsoft’s shares I’d vote for the end of Ballmer’s era. How long before crazy gets crazier? Microsoft’s products are bad, they’re only sold because of network effects (dependency from proprietary, secret formats and protocols and old human habits). According to Federal Trade Commission there is no need for further investigation.

Google’s FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft.