Talking about scaling communities at Cloud Open 2013

Speaking of Linux and communities, my talk for Cloud Open was accepted. I’ll be talking about “Scaling your community from tens to hundreds of contributors

The OpenStack project has broken many records for open source projects: it’s currently one of the largest and fastest growing ones out there. In just three years OpenStack has attracted over 1,000 developers with over 300 active committers per month, hundreds of patches reviewed per week and hundreds of companies involved with dozens of them strongly committed to OpenStack. What makes OpenStack different from other projects? What fuels the extraordinary growth of OpenStack’s community of developers and users around the world and sets it apart from other open source projects? In this talk I’ll walk through examples of other communities that I’ve been deeply involved with, from the Free Software Foundation to the Funambol sync server to identify the keys to OpenStack’s success. Participants will take away ideas to replicate with their own projects.

See you in New Orleans on September 18th.