@Jesus: I couldn’t care less of integrations with Gmail and Hotmail. In fact, if I cared about those I wouldn’t be talking about the lack of decent open source tools for personal information management. The web solutions are good enough for many people but they come at a too high price for me: lock in and privacy. Not good, and I don’t talk about my privacy only, but that of the people I correspond with and meet: I think it’s not fair to hand their data to Google or Microsoft without them authorizing me. Thunderbird is functioning, I use it as my main client but it has lots of areas that could be improved. My rant comes from the realization that it will not be improved by Mozilla, nor by anybody else; if things go well it will keep being maintained and bugs fixed. Not exactly something to be excited for. Meanwhile Google will keep moving gmail forward and us freedom-privacy-appreciating citizens will be stuck with software developed in the 90s. Too bad.