ace_085aSenior Director of  Community Marketing at Scality where he is leading the efforts to bring Zenko, the open source multi-cloud controller, to developers around the world. Stefano built his career around Free Software and open source: from pre-sales engineer and product manager at Italian GNU/Linux distribution MadeInLinux to Italian Chancellor of the Free Software Foundation Europe, where he also created the FSFE Fellowship participation program. Later as community manager of leading mobile open source sync solution Funambol, he boosted downloads and bolstered enterprise contributions. For Twitter, he led the expansion in the Italian market, recruiting TV stars and astronauts to tweet. Under his watch as community manager, OpenStack became the fastest growing open source project. As Director of Cloud Marketing at DreamHost he successfully managed new product launch and increased the adoption of the cloud products. In his spare time, he teaches sailing in the San Francisco Bay.

I’m an architect, I practiced how to split complex plans into manageable tasks in order to make things happen. I learned how to delegate and lead people to success.

I’m an advocate of free/libre open source software and of open culture.

I built complex IT infrastructures, designed business processes, managed new product development for startups, spoken at international conferences, kickstarted online communities.

I have helped European people reject a directive against innovation and progress, argued with Microsoft executives to convince them to stop opposing open source.

I have worked as Community Manager for large open source projects like Funambol and currently at OpenStack.

I have gone as far as outer space to get Twitter this awesome video.

I’m Italian and at the moment I live in San Francisco. Follow me on Twitter

This is what some colleagues and co-workers say about me:

“Stefano is an eclectic, serious and very reliable person, with an incredible amount of knowledge in the IT sector and especially in Free Software. We have worked together in many projects and he is definitely a leader, one of those people who can motivate others and be a guidance to the achievement of the common goals. On the downside, he is an architect, but knowing him one easily forgets this (this is meant to be a compliment).”
October 4, 2007, Carlo Piana, Name Partner, PRW – Tamos Piana & Partners

“Stefano has been the project leader and supervisor: he was managing me and other resources, providing help and ideas, in order to improve the quality of the products. Furthermore, he always had a good and friendly relation with the whole team.”
September 10, 2010 Davide Cassenti, Systems Engineer, Funambol

“Stefano will bring his unique blend of technical skill, business savvy and friendly personality in any team he joins.”
April 28, 2011 Nicolas Sallembien, Protocol Droid, Twitter

“Stefano always provided useful, spot-on tips, it was a pleasure to work with him”
April 28, 2011  Alessandro Veroli, Webmaster and IT Manager, Giorgio Chiellini


To contact me please send an email to stefano at this domain.