Car dashboards are ready for disruption

The Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk on Amazon seems like a joke but I believe it highlights how bad the dashboards of current cars are. I drive rarely but when I do I realize that in normal cars there is no easy way to take a fast note on a laptop *while parked* after a meeting. There is a place to put your travel mug, all sort of electric outlets and adapters but no retractable desk, not even for the passenger/shotgun seat. I think dashboards are ready for disruption.

PS comments and pictures on Amazon are hilarious


Week 2012-09-30 in review

  • Stay with ATT and their *awful* rip-off plans or go back to more honest-less coverage TMobile? #dilemma #
  • RT @fattoquotidiano: Lazio, #Polverini si รจ dimessa
    Anche l'Udc le toglie la fiducia < manica di buffoni disonesti #
  • Looking at the numbers of developers that contributed to OpenStack Folsom! OMG can that number be right? Won't disclose until triple checked #
  • OH on irc: <ttx> OpenStack 2012.2 ("Folsom") is out, great job everyone #
  • OpenStack Folsom Is Here With The Schedule Of The Summit #
  • Do you know somebody that drives a Hummer with 'HACK GNU' license plate? #
  • Feedback needed for the OpenStack integration project. Details on: Providing a Unified View of OpenStack Projects #
  • Prof. Michele Boldrin is my hero: his research shows that *all* patents are bad for economy. Nice. #

Week 2012-09-23 in review

  • The truth is that people don't read. No matter how short or simple is your message, people just don't read it #frustration #
  • If your email to my address bounced (over quota) try again now, problem fixed. #
  • It's time to buy a new laptop. It needs to be very light and support GNU/Linux 100%, with 2+ years service warranty. Suggestions? #
  • What? Maps continues to suck in iOS 6? Why upgrade then? No thanks, will stay with JB 5.1 #
  • Complete failure of San Francisco taxi system today. Even รœber was no help, almost missed my flight #fail #
  • Welcome OpenStack by openSUSE community: #ossum2012 #openstack #
  • Thank you openSUSE community for the warm welcome. Join the OpenStack Foundation and check out the job openings
  • Bitergia released the preliminary study of who's contributing to #OpenStack Folsom Comments? #

Week 2012-09-16 in review

Week 2012-09-09 in review

  • last time a candidate president used his success in business to get elected, Italy ended up with Berlusconi. USA friends be warned. #
  • Three weeks without gluten, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Day 1 and I'm already cranky. #

Facebook, the social graph and peer pressure

I have stopped using Facebook months ago and following that decision I started cleaning up my list of ‘friends’. I removed from my list of ‘facebook friends’ all the people I don’t meet regularly, all the people that I don’t care about. I ended up with a very small list of close friends and family. Most of them are far away from San Francisco and don’t use Internet for anything but Facebook. I lurked on their life with a strange pleasure: I like getting pushed their updates, it keeps me close to them.

Reading this post today The Boolean Graph by Kevin Rose I realized that I may be on the other hand of the spectrum. My social graph on FB is now relevant, with only people I really care about. Their silly pictures and jokes, comments to the news make sense to me and make me feel connected to them. Unfortunately none of them is interested in using Internet outside of the walled garden: they don’t consider starting a blog or email me regularly with their silly pictures.

I’m thinking that probably I should start using FB more often again but I need a clear policy ๐Ÿ™‚ Is this bad?