How to survive to high traffic mailing lists

From the Metrics Grimoire mailing list, I have found out about this masterpiece by Joey Hess: how to subscribe to mailing lists with a combined total posts of 2000 or more per day, and live. I enjoyed reading it although now I’m getting the depressing thoughts of bad email clients πŸ™

Car dashboards are ready for disruption

The Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk on Amazon seems like a joke but I believe it highlights how bad the dashboards of current cars are. I drive rarely but when I do I realize that in normal cars there is no easy way to take a fast note on a laptop *while parked* after a…

Week 2012-10-07 in review

OpenStack Swift community meeting starting in 45 minutes, on IRC: #openstack meeting # oh, @firefox, why is your Password Manager so useful and so *bad* at the same time? I hate it when it fails to remember passwords! #

Week 2012-09-30 in review

Stay with ATT and their *awful* rip-off plans or go back to more honest-less coverage TMobile? #dilemma # RT @fattoquotidiano: Lazio, #Polverini si Γ¨ dimessa Anche l'Udc le toglie la fiducia < manica di buffoni disonesti # Looking at the numbers of developers that contributed to OpenStack Folsom! OMG can that number be right?…

Week 2012-09-23 in review

The truth is that people don't read. No matter how short or simple is your message, people just don't read it #frustration # If your email to my address bounced (over quota) try again now, problem fixed. # It's time to buy a new laptop. It needs to be very light and support GNU/Linux…

Week 2012-09-16 in review

Task of the day: Vote for presentations at OpenStack Summit # Sanjiva and I would love to have your vote for this session: advanced way to look at open source metrics #OpenStack # is so annoying: I can't contact more than 3 meetup groups per day. Seriously? # Working with @Bitergia on…

Week 2012-09-09 in review

last time a candidate president used his success in business to get elected, Italy ended up with Berlusconi. USA friends be warned. # Three weeks without gluten, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Day 1 and I'm already cranky. #

Week 2012-09-02 in review

Stuck in SFO waiting for the aircraft to #cloudopen Hope not to miss @OpenStack party tonight # It's insane that AT&T fails every time a few hundreds people gather for an event. And #cloudopen wifi is only marginally better #fail #

Week 2012-08-26 in review

Just landed and already getting ready to pack for #CloudOpen Keynote panel at 9:30 on Wed # Wise sailor told me 'sailing is a humbling experience'. Look at Couts t-boning committee boat in front of the world #

Facebook, the social graph and peer pressure

I have stopped using Facebook months ago and following that decision I started cleaning up my list of ‘friends’. I removed from my list of ‘facebook friends’ all the people I don’t meet regularly, all the people that I don’t care about. I ended up with a very small list of close friends and family.…