Week 2012-07-29 in review

  • argh! redirect email is one of the most useful features in an email client. Thunderbird doesn't have it 🙁 So annoying #
  • Mate, where is Ali G in the London Olympics ceremony? Come on #
  • Message to the world: more sailing less tweeting, folks! It's a beautiful day out there #

Week 2012-07-22 in review

  • I don't remember networking at #oscon ever being so awful! It's useless! #
  • I'm seeing a lot less GNU/Linux machines at #oscon than I remember/expected. #
  • What's happening to #oscon connectivity? AT&T is failing as usual and conference wifi is bad too. Disappointing. #
  • I had my little fun with spell check today #oscon 😉 http://t.co/YZXdhHfj #
  • Very impressed by the efforts put by bluehost for open source project in http://t.co/LPDeI3Vx #OSCON #
  • Back from #OSCON with a new T-shirt wardrobe and hundreds of unanswered emails. Happy Friday 🙂 #
  • Inboxing zero before the weekend after spending a week at #OSCON .. a huge task, still 6 messages to go (was 87 this morning). #

Week 2012-07-08 in review

  • Diamo la colpa a Monti in tribuna: porta sfiga #
  • It's only soccer but hopefully Spain will take home a major check to save their banks. My theory holds: country more needy wins #
  • Caught a fever at the first signs of San Francisco summer. Not good. #
  • My ubuntu-powered computer freezes randomly at least once a week. Time to check for defective RAM. #

Week 2012-07-01 in review

  • Comunque vada, splendida Italia: niente crampi, sempre all'attacco. Bravi #
  • Stoked! This password manager is what I was looking for: just makes Firefox PM better http://t.co/WuH5tA6F Mozilla make this default please #
  • Take time to read What Happened to Silicon Values? How the valley went from empowering to exploiting consumers http://t.co/IiXwTuDr #
  • It was just a football game, but man, I reached such high level of satisfaction watching Italy kicking Germany's behind, again. #
  • Google Chrome is now on iOS. Too bad I use Firefox 🙁 #
  • Ha ragione Marchionne: domanda sciocca. Una + intelligente sarebbe: come pensa di migliorare le condizioni degli operai?… #
  • OH: Sailing is a humbling experience – plenty of opportunities to do something stupid, especially in front of others. #

Week 2012-06-24 in review

  • RT @openstack: Get a sneak peak at the Fall 2012 OpenStack Summit tomorrow: http://t.co/wv8k9FTH with @laurensell #
  • No way! This year's Summer Sailstice collides with Italy's football game? Choice is not good in this case. #
  • Another industry waiting to be disrupted. I'm more impressed by the importance of software than the moving parts http://t.co/rzsvvwQ3 #
  • Gone are the days when Linux didn't crash! This new !Ubuntu makes me feel like its Win 95 all over again. #
  • Parola d'ordine per la partita di domani: evitare chi porta sfiga #

Week 2012-06-17 in review

  • I'm really fed up with Echosign: bad software, worse customers support. Will start evaluating alternatives asap #
  • Oh, Ubuntu One, I liked you so much… but why did you stop syncing now all of a sudden? #
  • Hopefully we'll get rid of it RT @whurley: Wow, this sucks. Microsoft's Skype for Windows: Now with 'conversation ads' http://t.co/2gX2yJpW #
  • This looks interesting: Get Lean SF – Discuss Lean Startups with Eric Ries http://t.co/PjlxctFu #devops #
  • ma in Italia nessuno dei commentatori ha detto che il gol croato era in fuorigioco? 🙂 #
  • It's that time of the year again: Summer Sailstice is here http://t.co/YYXkERbn #
  • Reviewing OpenStack patches is fun: proof is @e_monty comment here: http://t.co/tk2Mxgk5 #
  • Reviewing submissions to call for paper at Linux Foundation's CloudOpen event: very good proposals make it hard to pick http://t.co/5f8LH3py #
  • Doubt: !GPL code has proprietary libs in the Windows installer only. tuxpaint, for example. Is that legally sound? #