Socialist party wants to ban Creative Commons Portugal in

Something is rotten in Portugal:

The Socialist Party will present this new proposal for approval in the next Government, no matter if they win the elections or not. In regards to Creative Commons, they support a vision where Creative Commons harm Culture, and in this law proposal they intend to turn them illegal.

The law proposal makes it impossible to alienate the rights that Creative Commons licenses were designed to give back to the users.

If you match this idiotic proposal with the strong push in Brasil to undo the progress made by Lula and his government with Creative Commons and Free Software you get a nasty picture of Portuguese speaking countries.

On Mind Booster Noori: Portugal’s biggest political party wants to turn Creative Commons Licenses illegal there are audio recordings and more details.

Another standards war starring Microsoft

Microsoft and Mozilla have engaged a fight over the future of’  JavaScript (better called ECMAScript): Microsoft prefers to abandon it and start anew with another language based on its .NET script, while Mozilla prefers to evolve JS to a new version, ECMAScript4.

Leaving the technical details aside, I think once again that Microsoft needs to develop a different culture in the organization.’  Chris Wilson could even be technically right, but the perception out there is that Microsoft is a big evil company that wants to control the web with its own proprietary formats.’  History and experience of many developers provides plenty of evidence, so any suggestion from Microsoft is not judged easily on its merits but on (mostly bad) feelings it provokes.

Please smart guys@Microsoft, do something to develop a culture of collaboration between peers and eradicate this MS centric view.

BetaNews | Microsoft, Mozilla Disagree Over JavaScript’s Future