Why is Asus selling bad customer experience?

When I read that Asus announced to ship three new models of its Eee PC with Ubuntu I was excited. Then I went on to read the full announcement and I found out ath

NETBOOK INNOVATOR Asustek has announced that it will ship three models of its Eee PC with Ubuntu 10.10 preinstalled.

It will ship Ubuntu’s older version, 10.10 while now we are at 11.04. So the first thing that Asus customers will see when they boot the machine and connect it to the internet is a cute screen that says “There is a new version of your operating system. Do you want to upgrade?” What? I just spent $ for this new system and it’s obsolete? And it’s not going to be a simple system update or a ‘service pack’: it’s a whole new version of the OS, different GUI and more.

If they’re selling these machines at the Ubuntu (or general GNU/Linux) fans there is no problems as we’re used to fast upgrades. But if Ubuntu and Asus are aiming at Windows users, as it seems, I think they have to make an effort not to welcome their new customers with a message that can be read as:

Welcome! You just bought an obsolete system!

That’s poor customer experience.

via Asus will preload ubuntu linux on three eee pcs- The Inquirer.

GNU/Linux IS ready for the masses

It just needs a company that can market it as such. I was reading about the new version of Asus EeePC and this sentence hit me:

“the Linux version is suited to users who desire an icon-driven and easy point-and-click interface — well suited for children or users with limited computer experience”

If Asus says so, you have to believe it.