The Horrible Situation of Free Speech in Italy

I have watched with increasing concern the latest evolution of Italian regulations on Internet. The new law that allows the telecommunications agency to shut down websites without a court order may have dramatic consequences for Italy. via The Horrible Situation of Free Speech in Italy – Technorati Technology.

Freedom of press is challenged in Italy

Italian blogger Carlo Ruta has been sentenced for producing an illegal editorial product on appeal by an Italian court. For the first time, remote fears have become a reality: you can be sentenced for stating your opinions online. Here we have the results of the laws passed slowly over 15 years that has eroded freedom… contributes to

I’m amazed by the cultural vitality of the US free software scene. I have realized  listening the keynotes of Tim O’Reilly yesterday and today’s about eGov at DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco that Italian scene lacks the same vitality (while still placing worldwide leaders on top of big project). I have the impression that 20…

My income online: it’s bad management

I’ve read many comments about the publication of income tax reports by Italian government, the last act of past government. I don’t know if giving my income statement to my neighbors (and to the rest of the world) is good or bad. What really made me angry was the justification by former minister, Visco. He…