Join a community, land a great job

Joining a community not only makes you feel better but can land you a great job. Janet Swisher has been contributing to the online community FLOSS Manuals writing documentation for free/libre software. In a message to the community she wrote:

I hadn’t been looking for a new job, but I was contacted by someone at Mozilla about a position they had open. […]
I think it’s fair to say that being involved in FLOSS Manuals helped me get a job at Mozilla.

I’ve seen this happening often at Funambol where many of the people active in the community have been hired. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, its a good investment for your future to make your passion visible.

A Techie Tech Writer Blog ยป First week at Mozilla.

Open position at Funambol: Symbian developer

I’ve just received from Funambol’s Engineering a request for a Symbian developer. announcement remembering that I became Funambol’s Community Manager after reading Roberto’s blog.

Here is the announce:

The development team is looking for a motivated, highly-technical Symbian developer with excellent development and problem solving skills. You will join a dynamic team responsible for the development of the Funambol client on the Symbian platform. The successful candidate will join our Client Software Team in Pavia(Italy). The candidate must have good knowledge of C++ and a genuine enthusiasm for software development. This is a unique opportunity to work in Italy for a fast growing Open Source project.

Apply here. Good luck.