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is PyPy heading on the same path as NPM?

Fornetto publishes to WordPress with Raspberry Pi and Python

Finally I took the time to clean up the Python code that publishes to images from the modified microwave toy to a WordPress site. I’m lying: the code is not clean at all but it serves its purpose… ship it! In the process I learned a few things about WordPress REST API, Python and the…

Building a photobooth with Raspberry Pi and a toy microwave

A few weeks ago I found an old first-generation Raspberry Pi hiding in a closet. At the same time I started investigating WordPress REST API at work. I also wanted an excuse to buy a Dremel. Everything seemed to align when I was strolling by the local Goodwill where my wife found an old toy…

PyCon2, la conferenza italiana dedicata a Python

Dal 9 al 11 Maggio si terrà  a Firenze la seconda edizione di PyCon, conferenza dedicata al linguaggio di programmazione Python.’  È stato pubblicato il call for papers. Da aggiungere in agenda, anche per il keynote di apertura da parte di Richard Stallman.