Internet has more and more borders

Today I wanted to check the availability of Google’s Nexus 4 and here is what I saw:

which begs the question: why would someone think I live in a place I visit? My country is, maybe, where I want something physical to be delivered, you morons.  Stop filtering online content based on my bloody IP! My IP is not a geographic thing! And stupidly enough, Google should know where “my country” is since I told them in my account where I live.

Why are we allowing Internet to become a place with stupid borders?

The abyss between Apple and its competitors

I started chatting with my brother about corporate laptops and how ugly they generally are. He works for a large corporation that doesn’t offer any choice: he can get any computer he wants provided it’s black and runs Windows. Poor thing. I am lucky enough to work for a company that allows me to use Apple products:  I could have had a Mac if I wanted to but  I chose not to use Apple hardware because I would not have used its operating system (I tried some time ago and gave up).

The conversation made me sad to realize that on one hand Apple offers beautiful designs, great machines shown at art museums, noble materials. On the other companies like Dell and Lenovo offer only ugly plastic, basic components assembled together in heavy chassis, awful chargers and the same basic design since the 90s. The abyss between Apple products and its competitors justifies its +$500 per share.

Le assurdità italiane

Certi giorni mi sveglio e vengo investito da sensazioni orribili. Oggi è uno di quelli. Chiamo Fastweb per disdire il mio costosissimo contratto e mi sento dire che devo mandargli una raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno. Il costo di una raccomandata è almeno 2 ore di tempo bruciato, tra andare in ufficio postale, fare la fila e tornare al lavoro. Come professionista sono costretto ad avere un indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata (PEC) e il ministro si affanna a pubblicizzarla in tv come alternativa della raccomandata. Ma Fastweb non accetta la PEC per la disdetta (non sia mai, solo carta, per carità … la vuole vergata col sangue, dico io?), mentre per l’attivazione basta riempire un formulario online.

Assurdo che le leggi siano così ‘avanti’, ma addirittura le aziende ‘hi-tech’ non ci stanno dietro.