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This is how I’m dressed when it rains… well, it pours, for days like it happened last week. I hope that now winter is over and we will get only light spring showers. I can stand those, without having to wear the full swim suit πŸ™‚

PS The picture was taken by my colleague Andrea in the school’s corridor.

PPS the pic was taken on Monday, the day of the election of the new government. It was raining. We have a saying in Italian about rain and government. Coincidence? πŸ™‚ (Very rough translation: It rains, government thief).

My professor of International Economics, Fabio Sdogati, is quite a character: he has a very effective teaching style and I really like to go to his lessons. Last night’s lesson was about exchange rates policies. He was showing a graph to demonstrate how exchange rates follow clear political decisions. His theory is that, at least in the mid-long term, the monetary markets are governed by politics, not by market rules. Answering a question about when to (dis)invest in currency that is about to [de|ap]preciate against another, he gave a small piece of advice:

don’t even try to buy/sell at the peaks. The rule is: buy, sell, regret!

In his roman accent it sounded great. I love him πŸ™‚