Companies and governments join forces to hassle motorists

Continuing yesterday’s theme about privacy and the relationship between governments and companies,  here is another warning sign that citizens should trust neither. The AD reported:

Satellite navigation system maker TomTom indirectly sells details of motorists’ driving behaviour to the police for use in determining where speed traps should be placed,

The role of police should be that of patrolling the streets to prevent people from speeding. But patrols are expensive and it’s much more efficient to hide speed traps and send hundreds of tickets directly in driver’s mailbox. Who cares if the speeder will cause an accident only a few km after being photographed at 180km/h. It’s awful. Technology is increasingly used to control our lifes, but I agree with my fellow Americans that the most scary threats to privacy come from governments, and that corporations are a secondary threat.

via – Satnav maker TomTom ‘helps’ police set speed traps (update).