A forum for OpenStack-related Product Managers

The OpenStack project doesn’t have a product manager but all companies shipping products based on components developed inside the OpenStack project have product managers. Currently the managers of OpenStack-related products don’t have a way to coordinate their efforts and they constantly have to struggle with OpenStack’s upstream developers, some of them working for the same company and some would not. Rob Hirschfeld, Allison Randal and Sean Roberts called them ‘hidden influencers’: product managers definitely contribute to shape OpenStack as much as users/operators and developers and yet they don’t have a forum to talk to each other and to the rest of the community.

Dave Neary and I started talking in Hong Kong about the opportunity to start a working group for product managers and now I think the time is ripe to create one. I just proposed to create a mailing list to coordinate the first activities and I ask you to chime in. If you think that the mailing list is a good way to start giving product managers a voice in the OpenStack community, please leave your comment on gerrit. I’ll be chasing product managers to sign up to the list in the coming weeks.